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Success Stories

A leading pharmaceutical company has identified Antibodies Therapeutic Solutions as part of its member’s strategic focus, aiming to invest and drive innovation in this sector.

  • KIIC conducted industry research and scouting and designed a customized delegation for their member's senior management and investment team. Through connections with key players in the ecosystem, the startup emerged as a highly suitable solution, with a strong team and an impressive list of investors.


The business opportunity


For KIIC member: expand knowledge and potentially broaden offerings for treating immune-mediated and fibrotic disorders, including orphan diseases.


For the startup: leverage the member's expertise and geographical distribution through potential future partnerships such as licensing or strategic cooperation.

The deal info and framework

  • The investment was made alongside tier1 global VCs, enhancing the network and investor relations of the KIIC member for future co-investment opportunities

  • Within six months of the investment, the company merged with a leading Therapeutics company.

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