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Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 17.05.26.png
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Hanwha, one of KIIC members was interested in the localization & navigation space, including novel protection solutions that would allow end-to-end secure navigation systems

KIIC performed a deep research, covering various fields under the navigation field, including: GNSS & GPS, Gyro, INS systems, on-chip localization tech, indoor navigation, cybersecurity (SW & HW) for navigation systems, and more


InfiniDome was identified by KIIC team as the leading solution in the Israeli market for GNSS (satellite-based navigation) protection – offering patented and novel tech, strong and highly experienced team, strong focus on the defense market, impressive partners, and successful demonstrations in real-life scenarios. All the above created high business fit to our member’s brief


The business opportunity


For Hanwha: Strategic investment (as the round leader) and partnership, providing access to unique expertise and knowledge in RF and GNSS protection. The technology can be implemented in existing and new products, positioning Hanwha for future growth with a high-quality and cost-effective solution compared to existing solutions that are expensive and energy-consuming.


For InfiniDome: Expand its offering to Asia and leveraging the member’s defense-focused expertise and network of partners


  • The agreement includes a strategic investment from Hanwha (as the round leader), a partnership for implementation and joint R&D on new products, and a future commercial agreement (including exclusivity)


  • The deal was finalized after three visits to Israel, which involved in-depth technical due diligence, product demonstrations, on-site tours of the lab and production facility, advanced legal due diligence, and the signing of a term sheet.


More information:

  • The company is backed by top companies and VCs: Honeywell (also a close partner, co-developing a robust & holistic GNSS system that could become industry standard for resilient navigation solution) and Next Gear (the financial arm of IL-based Drive TLV, investing in smart mobility early-stage startups; Backed by Honda, DENSO, Volvo)


  • Working with leading global companies and defense players such as Honeywell, US Army & DoD, IDF (Israel Defense Forces), IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), Elbit, Easy Aerial

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